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I recently visited Virginia for my parents anniversary and family reunion. While I was there, I visited a couple of Confederate Memorials. One was in Middleton Va. It was here that Jackson had to divide his army because of an attack. See pic. Another was in Marshall Va, yes it is a town and Jackson and his men rested here. Also I discovered in this wonderful small town of Marshall a Memorial to Confederate dead in a cemetery there. It was erected in 1928. See pics.


On Confederate Flag Day on 03/05/2016 Jon Hussey set up a display adjacent the Wal Mart in Corona.

This is a copy of an article Camp Member Jerry Dupree
that was published in Volume One 1995 Confederate Veteran


From Jon Hussey
This picture was taken on March 2,2009 at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, AZ. My son, Thomas Hussey, put on his Major's rank that day.The picture is of my father, Lindley P. Hussey who flew B-24s in WW II, and made major in the Air Force Reserve after the war.

A celebratory shot for the triumph over the evil one, King Abraham. CSA Chief Executive and Harts Engineers from Fort Knott In Buena Park, CA 02/14/2009.


Pictures taken by John Smoley
Jefferson Davis Re-Discovery Tour