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On Confederate Flag Day on 03/05/2016 Jon Hussey set up a display adjacent the Wal Mart in Corona.


This is a copy of an article Camp Member Jerry Dupree
that was published in Volume One 1995 Confederate Veteran


From Jon Hussey
This picture was taken on March 2,2009 at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, AZ. My son, Thomas Hussey, put on his Major's rank that day.The picture is of my father, Lindley P. Hussey who flew B-24s in WW II, and made major in the Air Force Reserve after the war.

A celebratory shot for the triumph over the evil one, King Abraham. CSA Chief Executive and Harts Engineers from Fort Knott In Buena Park, CA 02/14/2009.


Pictures taken by John Smoley
Jefferson Davis Re-Discovery Tour